December 25, 2012

Travel to the British Virgin Islands
A current passport is required for travel to the BVI. Several major airlines provide service through San Juan, Puerto Rico to Beef Island (EIS) (Tortola). An alternative is to fly to St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and then either catch a commuter flight or take a ferry to Tortola. Regular ferry service is available from Charlotte Amalie and Red Hook on St Thomas to Road Town and West End, Tortola several times each day (see our links page for details). Direct boat service from St Thomas to Cooper Island via Water Taxi is also available (but very expensive). Guests should usually plan on spending the first night of their visit on Tortola, departing for Cooper Island the next day. This allows time for shopping and/or provisioning before catching a boat to Cooper. There are a number of good hotels on Tortola (See our Links Page).

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BVI by Air                                              BVI by Ferry (Customs, West-End)          Cooper Island Via Deep Blue Charters

Cooper Island Access
Quart-A-Nancy Point, Cooper Island can be reached only by boat. There is no regularly scheduled ferry service. Our on-site managers can help arrange a chartered boat with Deep Blue Charters from Trellis Bay, Tortola (near the airport) directly to our private dock (jetty). Guest can also arrange alternative transportation with other boats, for example, Sail Caribbean Divers or the Cooper Island Beach Club.

House Access
Our rental house at Quart-A-Nancy Point is approximately 50ft vertical above the Cooper Island shoreline at the Jetty.  It is a strenuous climb up the hill on an approximately 200ft paved driveway, followed by a climb up 15 paved steps through our landscaped front yard and an additional 15 wood and paved steps  to get to the house. Guests with health problems will have extreme difficulty with this climb, so the house isn’t recommended for the elderly or infirm. This rental house is not handicapped accessible. Also, while the part of the property around the house is fenced for your safety, guests should be careful not to approach any cliff edge as these are unstable and may cause falls and injuries.

Groceries and Provisioning
There are no grocery stores on Cooper Island.  Guests will need to buy provisions for their entire stay in Road Town on Tortola prior to their arrival on Cooper Island.  There are several (yacht) provisioning services in Road Town or guests can provision themselves at one of the groceries on Tortola.  Some direct provisioning links are:
Rite Way
Bobby’s Marketplace
Ample Hamper

Our recommended charter service “Deep Blue Charters” runs a boat to Cooper Island most days and can provide provisions and necessities on a limited basis on request (cash only).  Please contact them at and tell them you will be staying at Quart-A-Nancy Point.

The “Deliverance” supply boat also stops daily at Cooper Island during High Season and can provide basics such as bread, pastries, fruit, ice, and water (cash only and not cheap). Watch for the boat with the Red Stripe flag and call on VHF Channel 16 or go to the jetty.  If calling on VHF switch channels as directed and ask them to come to the Quart-A-Nancy Point jetty (or the house at the north end of the bay).

Cooper Island Beach Club Access
One of the attractive things about Quart-A-Nancy Point is its private setting.  At the same time, the presence of the Cooper Island Beach Club (CIBC) on the island provides a great place to be social and/or get lunch and dinner if desired. Unfortunately, given the house’s location and the geography of Cooper Island, this means that access from Quart-A-Nancy Point to CIBC is difficult.  The CIBC can be reached on land by an approximately 15 minute rugged scramble across the jumbled rocky coast or an approximately 500m swim. We absolutely recommend against attempting either after dark.  We provide a 8ft inflatable dinghy with 15hp motor for Guests’ convenience, authorized for use only within Manchioneel Bay.  Its principal purpose is for transportation to and from the Cooper Island Beach Club.  This can be used to go to lunch or dinner at the CIBC restaurant (reservations required for dinner). Remember to take a flashlight if you are going for dinner. Maximum capacity is 6 people. The dinghy is used at guests’ personal risk. If you need assistance operating, please contact our property managers.