How It Works

December 27, 2012

This is a general description of how the house systems at Quart-A-Nancy Point work.  Additional detail will be provided to Guests by our on-site management and as printed house instructions. Photos show the solar systems, outdoor shower, and a portion of the roof used to collect water.

Solar  shower1  roof

Electricity is generated on-site using 3 large banks of solar panels on the roof and stored in 12V batteries.  We have an inverter that converts this to 110V AC power throughout the house. While we have many electrical conveniences (electric lights, ceiling fans, full refrigerator, TV, internet, etc), power is limited and if we have extended cloudy periods, batteries may discharge and it is possible to run out.  Guests should conserve power by minimizing use and by turning off lights and appliances when not in use.  Also keep opening/closing of refrigerator/freezer doors to a minimum and please be sure that they are tightly closed after each use.

Water Collection
Our water is collected (as rain) off the house roof and stored in cisterns under the front porch.  This is automatically pumped each day to a header tank up the hillside behind the house using a solar-powered pump.  In-house water then feeds by gravity from the header tank. Water conservation is a necessity and guests should be careful to limit their water usage. Good water conservation practices include minimizing shower times, shutting off faucets tightly, and not using water excessively. While locals do directly drink the cistern water, we recommend that guests drink filtered water or supply their own bottled water.  We have a drinking-water-quality filter at the kitchen sink (marked). This is sufficient for most daily needs, but this runs very slowly. We recommend that if guests are concerned about additional drinking water that they purchase additional bottled water in Road Town during provisioning.

Hot Water
Hot Water is produced on-site using two solar panels on the roof and is available in the kitchen, bathroom sinks, indoor showers, and the north outdoor shower behind the green and yellow bedrooms. The water can get very hot by the end of a sunny day, so be careful and mix well with cold.  Unfortunately, it takes some time for the hot water to get from the storage tank to the facilities.  We usually run the cold water into storage containers (gallon jugs) for later use (plant watering) when waiting for hot to make its appearance.

The 4-burner stove and oven in the Kitchen run on propane, which is stored in two tanks behind the “garage” and piped inside. Cooking with the propane stove is similar to cooking with any gas appliance.  The burners are lit by turning the appropriate burner knob towards “High” until you hear the igniter and the gas lights, then turning to the desired temperature setting.  The oven lights automatically when turned on and temperature set. Burners can be lit using matches if there are problems with the igniters (eg: electricity low).  A propane gas grill is also provided in the courtyard for Guest use.  Propane is supplied in small tanks and already connected to the grill.  To start the grill, turn the knob on the top of the propane canister under the counter to “On”.  Press one of the knobs on the front of the grill in and turn to “Hi” and light using a wooden kitchen match or a grill lighter (usually on the windowsill next to the kitchen sink).  If you have problems with any of the propane systems, please do not touch the propane tanks or valves. Contact Quart-A-Nancy point local management for assistance.  In an emergency you can contact the Cooper Island Beach Club.

Waste Disposal
The house is on a septic system that separates solids and runs liquids to a sand and gravel leach. Don’t put anything into the system other than toilet paper.